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    Thursday, August 10, 2017

    WaPo Poll Shows How Fragile Our Democracy Really Is and How Close We Are To Autocracy

    I have written a lot of words over the last year or more detailing how the Republican party has been subverting our democracy for the last two decades at least. While Trump has shown himself to be a special danger to our democratic institutions and norms, he is merely the culmination and epitome of Republican anti-democratic actions over many years.

    A truly frightening poll by the Washington Post shows that 52% of Republicans would support Trump if he proposed postponing the 2020 election until we could be assured that only citizens could vote. That number increases to 56% if Trump and Republicans in Congress supported the idea. 47% of Republicans believe that Trump really did win the popular vote and 73% believe that voter fraud occurs somewhat or very often.

    I really don't believe that people in this country understand just how fragile our democracy is and how much it has already been subverted in the last few decades. The fact that a majority of one party believes it would be OK to postpone an election means that autocracy in this country is closer than most of us believe.

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