Local Links

Here are some links to local music and performing arts venues:

Fairfield Theatre Company - a great venue to hear great music.  Stage One is such an intimate space and they now have the Warehouse for bigger acts.

Ridgefield Playhouse - another great place to see not only music but all sorts of performing arts.

Capitol Theatre - Recently totally renovated and now a premier concert venue.

Quick Center for the Performing Arts at Fairfield University - if you've ever wanted to see the Metropolitan Opera, Shakespearean drama, or world class ballet, you do not have to spend a fortune. Simply watch all these productions in a theatre in HD.  They are all available at the Quick, and more. Believe me, you get a lot closer to the artists this way than you do in person at the performance - check it out; it is definitely worth it for the $25 you will spend.

Downtown Cabaret Theatre - great venue for musical theatre and entertainment with a true cabaret feel.  http://dtcab.com/

And here are some links for Black Rock specific activities:

Black Rock Online - Gail Robinson's website.

Black Rock Community Council

Ash Creek Conservation Association

Only in Bridgeport - Lenny Grimaldi is wired into local Bridgeport politics (maybe this should be in the Politics section...).